offshore e-sailing

As an armchair sailor you may dream of ripping up 100 dollar notes as fast as you can, under a cold shower, deprived from sleep, doing an ice-bucket challenge every 5 minutes. For the next best thing check out the sail simulator Sailaway.

Racing e-sailing yachts in offshore and oceangoing sail races. Sailing around the world under simulated coditions that reflect real time weather. Wind and sea state are updated regularly by extrapolation of short term weather forecast models.

E-sailing yachts in Sailaway are equipped with a full range of trim lines for each sail. Outhauls, cunningham, barberhaulers, travellers, backstays, everything to give full control over the shape of the sails.

Team up with a number or e-sailers to sail a yacht together as crew.

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Of shore racing with the sail simulator SailAway

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