Admiral’s Cup Sailing Instructions

Admiral's Cup 2024

Saling Instructions as PDF

V1.0 2023-08-02

    1. Unless stated otherwise in NoR issued by the Race Organizers, all races sailed with Sailaway are governed by these SI in their latest version.
    2. Races are organized by the Organizing Authority here after also OA represented by the Race Organizer hereafter also RO
    3. These Sailing Instructions hereafter also SI, may be complemented, or changed in Appendixes provided by the Races Organizers (RO). Instructions in appendixes to the Sailing Instructions (SI) take precedence.
    4. Where these sailing instructions conflict with the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2021-2024, the Sailing Instructions (SI) prevail.
    5. These Sailing Instructions (SI) may contain alternative instructions, unless stated otherwise by the Race Committee (RC) in her appendix to the Sailing Instructions, the default alternative applies.

Section A organizing races

  1. RULES
    1. The event will be governed by the rules defined in the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (2021-2024), the Notice of Race (NOR), these Sailing Instructions (SI)  and their appendices.
    2. Sailaway specific changes of the RRS are defined in Section C of these Sailing Instructions SI.
    3. Sailaway client software in its latest incarnation will be used.
    4. The use of in game chat in races is mandatory.
    5. If the Sailing Instructions (SI) are translated, in cases of conflict the Sailing Instructions (SI) in the English language prevail.
    6. While racing, boats have to display their alias as used in the registration for the race.
    7. Races will start at times as published by the Organizing Authorities (OA) in the Notice of Race (NOR).
    8. Races will take place at sceneries and courses as published by the Organizing Authorities (OA), the Race Organizer (RO) in Sailaway and the Sailaway in game racing calendar.
    1. For participation a registration for the announced and publicized races in Sailaway is needed. The registration for announced races is available when the race is published.
    2. Boats entered that fail to unregister for the event or announced races, will be scored DNS
    3. Boats on request by the Organizing Authority (OA) the Race Organizer (RO) will make one player available for duty on a protest committee for incidents in races in which they do not have an interest.
    4. Boats registered for the event may take part in unannounced races as spots are available.
    5. Boats may be sailed by one player as skipper singlehanded, or when accompanied by one or more crew, multi handed. Either using multiple interfaces, or multiple Sailaway game clients or combinations thereof.
    6. All the boats must be registered through the Register Form accessible from the Organizing Authorities (OA) website.
    1. Changes to the SI will be defined at the end of these SI under changes. The SI can be modified by the Organizing Authorities until 60 min before starting the race.
    2. It is the responsibility of each skipper to track the Organizing Authorities registration site, website and forum for notifications by the Organizing Authorities or other officials.
    1. The event consists of a series of races. Races will be sailed as fleet races.
    2. The organizing authorities can assign a voice messaging tool and channel to be used during races.
    3. Races will be sailed in the class as described in the Notice of Race, no class rules apply.
    4. Race Officials
      1. The Race Committee (RC) consists of the Race Organizer (RO) and delegated players.
      2. The Jury consists of 3 players of entered boats, who are drafted by the race’s Race Organizer (RO) in the name of the Organizing Authorities (OA).
    1. All races must be sailed on official courses, as published by the Race Organizer (RO).
    2. Courses are available on the organizing authorities website, voice messaging channel, or made available by the Race Organizer (RO) in Sailaway.
    3. The course can not be changed while racing. Race Organizers (RO) can move marks, gates and finish lines until the pre-start signal.
    1. All races for the Sailaway are sailed under direction of a Race Organizer (RO).
    2. The Race Organizer (RO) shall be consulted as mediator for expedited resolution of protests.
    3. Boats may retire from the race, in such a case no penalty will be given.
    4. Boats involved in a protest resolved through the Race Organizer (RO), may be eligible for redress.  
    5. Protests as described in the Sailing Instructions (SI) shall be posted in the communication channel of the Organizing Authorities (OA), Race Organizer (RO).
    6. The Organizing Authorities (OA) , Race Organizer (RO) will gather a Jury who will hold a hearing.
    7. A decision of a Jury is final.
    8. Boats disqualified will score DSQ (disqualified).
    9. Redress may be requested as described in protest proceedings.
    1. The race is scored with the Low-Point-System as in Appendix A of the RRS.
    2. Boats will be awarded points for each race they sailed. A boat must have sailed a minimum number of races to reach a valid total score.
    3. A boat may enter more races, however if more boats want to race then slots available, boats with less than the minimum number of races will have precedence.
    1. The use of in game chat is recommended (this changes RRS 41) for hailing of other boats.
    2. The in-game chat is to be used for hailing of other boats, organizing authorities and race organizers.
    3. Organizing Authorities (OA) can designate a voice messaging channel for voice messaging.
    1. Races will be managed by a Race Organizer (RO) designated by the Organizing Authority (OA).
    2. Races can be password protected.
    3. The password will be communicated by the Organizing Authorities (OA) and Race Organizers (RO) to registered boats only.
    1. The Organizing Authorities may award prizes to entered boats, officials, supporting personnel and other volunteers.
    1. The Organizing Authorities may publicize results on public channels, on the race website, Discord and in SailRanks and e-mail or direct messaging to participants. 

Section B Protests, Conduct, Technical Issues

    1. In case of a hail for protest or request for redress, the protesting skipper (protester) must file the written protest, including images depicting the situation,  at the Organizing Authorities (OA) website or forum or instant messaging or text messaging channel (Discord) within 1 hour after the last race of the day. 
    2. If there is a protest pending against a skipper (protestee), the protested party must file a written response, including images or videos depicting the situation, at the organizing authorities website or forum or text messaging channel within 1 hour after the last race of the day.
    3. A protester or protestor party  may name up to one witness (witness), a witness may file a written report, including images or videos depicting the situation.
    4. The Race Organizer will forward all materials to 3 entered players who, as the jury will hear the protest, the jury can decide to award a penalty to one or more of the involved parties.
    5. A penalized party may appeal to the sailing counsel.
    6. All entered boats each with one vote, as sailing counsel will decide on appeals by majority vote.
    7. If protests and or appeals have not come to a conclusive outcome within 5 days after the race has finished, the Organizing Authority will direct a conclusive outcome. 
    1. The Organizing Authority may gather a protest jury of 3 players of entered boats that may exclude an entered boat from a single or from multiple races or exclude a boat from the tournament for rude unsportsmanlike conduct. No individual protest by a skipper is needed.
    2. Rude unsportsmanlike conduct specifically would mean
      (a) the deliberate interference of other boats after being on course side (RRS 30.1),
      (b) the deliberate interference of boats racing while not racing,
      (c) rude violations of the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (2021-2024).
      (d) breach of user licenses of the Sailaway software, breach of user agreements of the Organizing Authorities registration site, website, forum, voice messaging services, channels or other services.
      (e) breach of juvenile protective laws.
    3. A disqualification under SI 13.2 equals a penalty under RRS 2.
    4. All participants of a race may request a hearing under this rule. A protest as described in SI 12.4 has to be submitted.
    1. Disconnect, returning to the race, reinstatement.
  1. Every disconnected boat during a race will be scored DNF (did not finish). But she is entitled to request a general recall, or redress if she is available at least one minute before the starting signal.
  2. A boat that quit the race by error and is requesting reinstatement, can on request be reinstated to the race by the Race Organizer (RO) on the last known position in the race. A boat shall not gain advantage through reinstatement.
  3. Redress as compensation for lost miles or lost time must be requested after finishing. And will only be awarded as point reduction according to finishing position. An awarded redress shall not affect the score of other boats.
  4. General Recall
    1. A general recall will take place only if more boats in the race are affected. Only the Race Organizer (RO) decides if a general recall is warranted and can take place.
    2. All boats will be removed from the race, listed as DNF.
    3. The Race organizer will create a copy of the race with a later start time.
    4. Boats will have to join the new race.

  1. Running Aground Helper, inculintary teleportation
  1. A boat that has run aground shall declare itself suspending racing, and inform the organizing authorities at the earliest opportunity.
  2. A boat may take all measures required to come afloat again, including engaging the in game helper tool.
  3. A boat shall return to her position on the race track prior to running aground, before continuing racing by informing the organizing authorities.
  4. Organizing authorities upon request may teleport a boat that ran aground to her last position where she was afloat before she ran aground.

3. Lisence

  1. This document is licensed under
    CC BY: This license allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given to the creator. The license allows for commercial use.

Section C Changes to the RRS

    1. As there is no collision model in the current version of Sailaway, there is no advantage gained or damage experienced. For all purpose and intent rule 14 is discarded.
    1. RSS 44.1 and RRS 44.2 are changed to the effect that for a penalty only one turn including a tack and a gybe are needed (270°).
    1. A boat giving outside help  through voice messaging, in game chat or other means to another boat racing shall be considered in breach of RRS 41. ( this is subsidiary to RRS 41 d. )

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