Admiral’s Cup Notice of Race

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The Admiral’s Cup Race Series consists of a series of 9 races on time corrected by IRC rating. Races vary in length between 5 to 600 NM.  Races are held last 2 weekends of July. For Sailaway every year 

  • 5 wind ward – luvward races ca 5 NM 1 hr each
  • 2 round the can races ca 5 NM 1hr each
  • 1 short offshore race ca 90 NM ( 24 hrs)
  • The Fastnet race ca 600 NM 3-6 days

Scoring is by lowpoints. 1 of 7 inshore races results per boat is discarded. The short offshore race is weighted x 1.2 , The Fastnet races is weighted x 2.0.

  1. The Admiral’s Cup  will be conducted using the virtual sailing game Sailaway in its latest installment
  2. The Admiral’s Cup will start on July 19  2024   
  3. 9 races will be sailed 
    – 5 x wind ward – luvward (LL) races ca 5 NM 1 hr each
    – 2 x round the can races (RTC) ca 5 NM 1hr each
    – 1 x short offshore race ca 90 NM ( 24 hrs)
    – 1 x The Fastnet race ca 600 NM 3-6 days
  4. The races will be announced in the Sailaway game, Discord channel, and in the website of the race.
  5. All The Admiral’s Cup races will suspend racing the last leg of the respective race no later than August 7th, 2024 17:00 UTC. Boats that have not finished will be scored as per position at that time the race is suspended, the finish time will be determined by extrapolation of the VMG on the shortest course to the finish at the time of suspending the.

    1. Race schedule:
      2024-07-20 11:10     Admiral’s Cup 2024 I (LL)
      2024-07-20 13:10     Admiral’s Cup 2024 II (LL)
      2024-07-20 15:10     Admiral’s Cup 2024 III (LL)
      2024-07-21 14:10     Admiral’s Cup 2024 IV (LL)
      2024-07-21 16:10     Admiral’s Cup 2024 V (RTC)
      2024-07-22 17:10     Admiral’s Cup 2024 VI (RTC)
      2024-07-22 19:10     Admiral’s Cup 2024 VII (LL)
      2024-07-24 16:40     Admiral’s Cup offshore I
      2024-07-26 10:10     Fastnet Race | Admiral’s Cup offshore II
    2. Race starts may be postponed to a start time later that same day, without further notice.
    3. Races will be published in Sailaway more than 24 hrs before the preparatory signal.
    4. Races may change up to 1 hr before the preparatory signal.
  1. The courses are published in Sailaway.  

1. This Notice of Race can be amended. Amendments will be published on the Sailaway Discord server and/or the
race website

  1. Please register your team by announcement on the Sailaway Discord Server.

    This may require acquiring a Discord account as well as installing Discord client, or access in Discord website.
  2. Registration will be completed by entering the races in Sailaway no sooner than 60 minutes before the start..
  3. By registration the e-sailor and the represented team accept the Rules and Regulations that govern The Admiral’s Cup.
  4. There is no registration fee.
  1. RULES
  1. Documents, or links to public locations of those documents, governing The Admiral’s Cup will be published on the Sailaway Discord server and are available for download from The Admiral’s Cup website.
  2. The Admiral’s Cup is governed by the rules as defined in Sailing World Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the Sailing Instructions (SI) for The Admiral’s Cup to be published no later than 14 days before the start of the first race.
  3. By registering to participate in The Admiral’s Cup, e-sailors accept the rules and terms of the race as set out in this Notice of Race and set out in The Admiral’s Cup Sailing Instructions.  
  4. If a e-sailor behaves in a way that contradicts the rules and terms of engagement set out in this Notice of Race, or those set out in The Admiral’s Cup Sailing Instructions.  The race committee has the right to remove the e-sailor.
  5. Individual e-sailors are not allowed more than one Sailaway profile to participate in the race and are not allowed to be registered to The Admiral’s Cup more than once.
  1. All boats classes are assigned a TTC based on IRC rating.
    The race will be only conducted in the
    Sailaway Cruiser 38
    The 50’ Performance Cruiser
    IMOCA 60
    1. Race fleets can be split by boat classes and be split in divisions if prospective fleet size reaches 13 or more boats per race.
    1. Boats finishing times are corrected by their IRC Time Corrector (TCC)  
    2. Races are scored by low points.
    3. The Admiral’s Cup is won by the team with the lowest points accumulated.  
  1. There is no age restriction on registering for TheAdmiral’s Cup. If an e-sailor under the age of 18 years old qualifies for prices, any prices must be accepted by a parent or legal guardian who must consent to the event rules and the acceptance of the prices.
  1. By participating in The Admiral’s Cup, e-sailors automatically grant to the organizers, Sailaway developers Orbcreation b.v and their sponsors, the right in perpetuity to make, use and show, from time to time at their discretion, any live, taped or filmed reproductions, in game video streams and of the e-sailor during the period of The Admiral’s Cup without compensation.
  1. Sailing Instructions (SI) for The Admiral’s Cup will present changes to the Sailing World Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).
  2. For technical queries about the Sailaway game, contact the  Sailaway  developers Orbcreation b.v at
  3. For other queries about The Admiral’s Cup, including feedback on the Racing Rules of Sailing, please contact The Admiral’s Cup organizer(s) through the Sailaway Discord server or the race website.
  1. e-sailors must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining a friendly and polite demeanor to spectators, members of the press, other e-sailors, The Admiral’s Cup organizers, Sailaway  developers Orbcreation b.v employees and World Sailing. All e-sailors are expected to adhere to the standards of good sportsmanship.
  2. e-sailors and support persons shall comply with any reasonable request from the organizers and Sailaway developers Orbcreation b.v employees.
  3. Race organizers may reduce or remove a prize in the case of misconduct or refusal to comply with any reasonable request.
  1. This document is licensed under
    CC BY: This license allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given to the creator. The license allows for commercial use.


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